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Research & Administration

Born in Melbourne, but raised is Sydney, Seoul and London, Emma graduated from the University of Wollongong with Distinction in her Bachelor of Education.

Putting her strong academic track record and exceptional organizational skills to use, Emma plays a crucial role within research and administration, utilizing knowledge gained from working for the local government and in depth understanding of the Sydney market to the benefit of all Hunter James clients.

Emma’s problem solving finesse, attention to detail and interpersonal skills ensures clients are always looked after to the highest standards, with a positive ‘can do’ attitude and personal property investment portfolio further reinforcing her unique ability to relate to her clients needs and goals.

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Case studies

Case Study

Property Advisory

Keep missing out at auction?

How this professional secured a high yielding investment at auction with the peace of mind to know he was buying the right property at the right price.

Case Study


Want to build a balanced portfolio?

How this savvy investor continues to use our knowledge, research and networks to build wealth and financial independence.

Case Study

Property Investor

Positive Cash Flow Passive Investment in an Emerging Suburb

To secure an investment with strong cash flow from the outset but with great prospects for long term growth, to enable further buying.

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Cameron Porter
Buyers Agent & Property Consultant

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