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Buyers Agent & Relocation Consultant

Strong on all facets of the buying process, from search and evaluation, through to negotiation and settlement, Julieanne takes time to understand all aspects of her client’s brief and consistently works with them to ensure a successful outcome, based on the holistic approach that sets Hunter James apart from other Buyer’s Agencies.

Vastly experienced having worked as both a Buyers Agent and Relocation consultant for over 20 years, Julieanne is a highly respected and sought after property professional .

Originally from the UK, Julianne has lived as an ex-pat in France, Canada, the US, Brazil and New Zealand and has lived in Sydney for more than 30 years. Working in partnership with Hunter James, Julieanne is also founder and director of Exec-relocations and is equally adept when representing clients whether buying a family home, investment or simply looking to rent.


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Case studies

Case Study

Home Buyer

Can’t find the right property?

How this busy Eastern suburbs family found their perfect home before it hit the market and secured at an excellent price.

Case Study


Want to build a balanced portfolio?

How this savvy investor continues to use our knowledge, research and networks to build wealth and financial independence.

Case Study

Property Advisory

Keep missing out at auction?

How this professional secured a high yielding investment at auction with the peace of mind to know he was buying the right property at the right price.

Other Team Members

Sebastian James
Founder & Managing Director / BSc, CNE & LREA
Emma James
Director / Research & Administration

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